About Dark Dazey

Dark Dazey is an independent, LA-based psych-rock band with a flare for genre bending. Together, this group of musicians, engineers, scientists, jam enthusiasts, and soundscape magicians bend genres from metal and punk to jazz and country seamlessly into a modern and unique psychedelic rock framework.
They excel on the live stage, breathing new life into their lush studio recordings and roping the audience in on the way (yeehaw!).

Count on beautiful and sometimes haunting harmonies, face melting guitar solos, and a focus on audience interaction. At points the crowd joins the band and participates in any number of activities from clapping and crouching to demonic chanting and sticking it to the NRA. It's groovy, boisterous, and no one is having more fun than the band.

Experience it for yourself via their latest record, Howdy Blue, or hopefully in person sometime soon. And, as always ~stay dazey baby~

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