Dark Dazey is an independent, LA-based psych-rock band with a flare for genre bending. Together, this group of musicians, visual artists, engineers, scientists, jam enthusiasts, and soundscape magicians bend genres from metal and punk to jazz and country seamlessly into a modern and unique psychedelic rock framework.

They excel on the live stage, breathing new life into their lush studio recordings and roping the audience in on the way (yeehaw!). Count on beautiful and sometimes haunting harmonies, face melting guitar solos, and a focus on audience interaction. At points the crowd joins the band and participates in any number of activities from clapping and crouching to demonic chanting and sticking it to the NRA. It's groovy, boisterous, and no one is having more fun than the band.

Experience it for yourself via their latest record, Howdy Blue, or hopefully in person sometime soon. And, as always ~stay dazey baby~

Check out Dark Dazey on their website, Spotify, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok.

A few words from some supporters:

"If I could combine the feel of a 70s psychedelic rock band, with the aesthetics of a 90s alternative band, and the mass appeal of an 80s pop act it would probably be awesome, or it could be a sh** show.  Fortunately for me, I can just listen to Dark Dazey instead.  Dark Dazey may just be the most awesome band in LA.  Their latest release, Blue Gatorade, is a masterpiece.  The vocal performance, the way the guitars intertwine and play off of each other, the pocket of the drums, and the way the bass just glues it all together is perfection." - SoulfulofNoise

"There's a lot of goodness and quality going on from this toad licking, genre bending band from LA. It's a young bodied crew with seemingly older heads on their shoulders, all the right influences but who are heading in interesting new directions as new artists should." - The Slow Music Moment on Violetta
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Howdy Blue:

The band has been hard at work lassoing lonely hearts and navigating the wild western waters of modern love to bring you their forthcoming project, Howdy Blue.

The album is uniquely impactful and accessible to a wide audience – it develops themes of love, separation, reflection, and existential depression for listeners living in an era of isolation. By injecting musical tropes of nostalgic Americana and 50’s country into modern psych-rock production, Dark Dazey has created an idiosyncratic and emotional soundscape with which a diverse audience can effortlessly connect. Points in the project call on the likes of Mazzy Star, Mac Demarco, Kurt Vile, and Alex Turner, others harking back to the classic sounds of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Marty Robbins, and beyond.

The Dark Dazey team believes they have created something special with Howdy Blue that, given the right support and direction, could be a major success. Even in the face of live music restrictions, they see the potential this record has to reach a multitude of listeners through social media, playlisting on music streaming platforms, and sync placements in visual media, TV, and film. As the record is already mixed and mastered, the band is looking for support in releasing this music. Adding this unique sound and personality (that has energized a growing community of listeners) to your roster or playlist will attract attention from a diverse audience and strengthen your reputation as a tastemaker consistently uplifting dynamic, savvy creators making inspiring music.

Below is a private Soundcloud link with six selections from the project. Dark Dazey would love for you to listen and let them know your thoughts.

If you enjoyed what you just heard, could connect the team with someone who may be able to help, or have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out via email:
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